The Journey Begins


I took this picture while along the beach.  As I was processing it, I couldn’t help but think how the shore birds surely had their eyes on the approaching waves of water as they worked for their dinner.  At any minute, they could be washed away had they not.  They have been given a special ability to know when the waves are too close and to run to safety.

I wonder if we use the same good judgement that the birds do.  We just work away day in and day out so focused on what we are doing that often danger is just a few feet away.  The danger can be physical, emotional, or spiritual.

This day in time, we need to be more diligent in protecting ourselves.  Much more so than in years gone by.  Some examples, a parking garage, grocery shopping (protecting your purse that it’s not stollen), parking lots in general, and the list goes on…

Emotional protection is necessary…Do we allow dysfunctional and unhealthy people in our lives and